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About our quilting
Machine quilting is a wonderful, more durable alternative to hand quilting.  Unfortunately, with today’s busy lifestyle, many quilts remain unfinished.  Like you, I love to quilt.  Let me help you make your quilt into an heirloom treasure by longarm machine quilting to your style.  I take your treasures and treat them like they were my own with tender, loving care and consideration.

Longarm Quilting Services and Prices
Edge to Edge Quilting Most economical and popular choice.  Continuous quilting designs that go from edge to edge and will preserve the original quilt design while adding texture.  With the abundance of wonderful patterns there will be one to fit your quilt.

$.015/sq. in.
Minimum order $45.00

Custom Designs to enhance your quilt’s overall appearance, usually treating blocks, borders and sashings individually.   Can include SID, straight line work, background filler and more.

$.03 and up/sq. in.
Minimum $75.00

Half binding You supply the fabric, I make the binding and machine stitch to quilt, you do the hand stitching.

$.12/linear inch

Full binding

Machine stitched and turned and hand sewn to quilt back. Corners are mitered.

$.25/linear inch

Thread charges 100% cotton or polyester thread will be used for a flat fee of $8.00.  Any specialty thread will be an additional charge of from $5-$10.

Carry Hobbs™ 80/20, 100% cotton, Thermore™ and wool batting

Quilt tips and preparation
  • One way to help prevent the probability of wavy (ruffled) borders and having tucks occur during the quilting is to attach borders in a proven method.
    • Measure the quilt top on both edges and down the center. Take the total measurement and divide by three. This will be the length you will cut the borders. Any extra length will be eased in during the sewing on of the border. Do the same for the width. It works!
  • Press quilt top well, making sure all seams are pressed flat.
  • Trim and remove all stray threads. They may show later if not removed.
  • If there is a top to your quilt, indicate it with a marked piece of paper attached with a safety pin.
  • Please cut the backing fabric and batting (if you are supplying) at least 3-4 inches larger than your quilt top.
    EXAMPLE: if the quilt top is 40x60 the backing/batting must be approximately 48x68.
  • Do not baste the top/batting/backing together.
What you should know
  • The edges will be stitched around unless you tell me differently.
  • I do not trim the edges, unless I am doing the binding or specifically asked.

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